Junior High Principal


Warm welcome!

We are always committed to our Vision to integrate knowledge, learning experiences and biblical values ​​to produce Indonesia’s future leaders. Our committed and passionate teachers are ready to educate students with integrity and a sense of responsibility to produce students with 21st century skills; leadership and fear of God.

We value partnership with parents and other parties in working together to achieve goals. 

We are committed to providing a memorable educational experience for our students! 

May God bless us all.


Yosua Iskandar, S.E., M.Pd.

Primary Principal


Number of students in class: 25 Students

School time:

Monday-Thursday : 7.30 -14.55

Friday : 7.30 -12.00


School uniforms:

Monday : National Uniform (White-Blue)

Tuesday : HCS Uniform

Wednesday : HCS-White Batik Uniform

Thursday : Uniform HCS

Friday : Scout uniform


Scoring system: 

Homework, School Assignments, Daily Assessments, Project Assessments, End of Semester Assessments, End of Year Assessments, School Examinations


Compulsory extracurricular: Pramuka


Harvest Christian School Middle School implements the National curriculum for the 2023/2024 school year as follows:

Class 7 : Implementation of “Kurikulum Merdeka”
Grade 8 : Curriculum 2013
Grade 9 : Curriculum 2013


Pendidikan Agama & Budi Pekerti
Pendidikan Pancasila & Kewarganegaraan
Bahasa Indonesia
Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam
Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial
Bahasa Inggris
Seni Budaya
Pendidikan Jasmani, Olahraga dan Kesehatan (PJOK)
Pendidikan Karakter Kepemimpinan & Pancasila
Bahasa Mandarin
Teknologi Informasi & Komunikasi (TIK)


Comfortable classrooms with projectors and air conditioning
Function room & indoor sports room
Library room
UKS Room
Student council room
Science Lab
Music Lab
Outdoor sports field